augustus 2023

  • Oceans of Grain

    Scott Reynolds Nelson

    Throughout history, the cultivation and distribution of grain has played a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of humankind. Surplus grain production facilitated urbanization and the rise of complex societies. Grain, transported along river routes, overland trade routes, and across seas, forged connections between disparate regions and cultures. Interruptions…

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  • American Warlords

    Jonathan W. Jordan

    Jonathan W. Jordan delves into the inner workings of the Washington DC establishment during World War II. The book highlights the key figures, or “warlords,” who surrounded President Franklin D. Roosevelt and played pivotal roles in shaping America’s path to victory. Jordan sheds light on the complexities of the…

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  • Chasing Venus

    Andrea Wulf

    As a young man, Edmund Halley traveled to St. Helena where he observed a transit of Mercury. At once he realized that if two observers were widely separated in latitude, they would see a transiting planet move along different chords as it traversed the Sun. If each observer timed…

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  • Lessons

    Ian McEwan

    It is 1986. A man, Roland Baines, recalls a kiss. He is in bed, hungover, with a five-day beard and a baby on his big belly. The kiss he remembers was from his piano teacher, Miss Cornell. His wife, the German Alissa, has run away from him. She does,…

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